Engineer Felix with electric car charging station in the background
Felix | Project Manager | Possible Maker | Hybrid Driver

“I drive the future of mobility.”

It feels like I turned my hobby into my profession. eMobility has always fascinated me. I myself drive a hybrid car. So when there was a chance at Wieland to work on this technology, I had to grab it. This industry is incredibly innovative, and there are no real standard solutions yet. In sales, this means that I can work on many projects together with the customers right from the start. Then there are all my amazing colleagues and the open atmosphere that we have – it just makes things great fun.

copper rotor rods
„I get to work on cutting-edge technology here.“
Project Manager | Possible Maker


I help my customers get their ideas on the road

As the project manager of eMobility, I am the direct contact for our automotive customers. These may be automobile manufacturers or large suppliers that want to produce a new electric car or the parts for one. My task is to offer technical solutions that help my customers implement their ideas. The exciting part is not just coming up with the theoretical solution but also being part of the practical realization of the idea from start to finish. I accompany the new products from the first prototype all the way to series production and can optimize the details together with the customers.

Continuing education opportunities in the company

Götz Werner of dm (drugstore chain) once said: “If you don’t want something, you’ll find reasons; if you want something, you’ll find a way.” I love this statement because I like facing new challenges for which we do not have a fitting solution yet. This also means that I myself cannot remain where I am at and must keep developing. The continuing education opportunities that the company offers are immense: technical training, negotiation training, a huge number of seminars for personal development. This fully equips me for the future – and for my customer base which is becoming more demanding and more international by the day.