Student Franziska with a view of Hamburg harbour and the Elbphilharmonie in the background
Franziska | Dual Student | Team Player | Tennis Trainer

“I ensure top HVAC solutions.”

I love playing sports and trying out new things. Whether at the gym or on the tennis court as a player or a trainer – I love doing things with other people and working with them. The practical and theoretical phases change here every three months. Added to this are three months abroad at a subsidiary as part of the course of study. I will be going to the UK. This is a great opportunity for me to improve my English, gain insights into another country and get better acquainted with a new work environment.

Three types of finned tubes, copper, brass and aluminium
„Getting to apply knowledge practically and work actively in a team. The dual study course at Wieland is exactly the right thing for me.“
Dual Student | Team Player


They put a lot of trust in us “newbies”

Thanks to many seminars and continuing education courses, we got to know each other really quickly and students and trainees grew together as a team. We are five dual students from the DHBW Heidenheim and a few more dual students from the Ulm University of Applied Sciences who are additionally completing their vocational training simultaneously as part of a cooperative course of study. I always received a friendly welcome from the respective departments to which I was deployed and was fully integrated into their work. Whether in the daily course of business or in special projects, we are challenged, and the company puts a lot of trust in us. For example, for one department I was able to conduct an analysis of key performance indicators for the past year and lay out my results during a final presentation.

I very much look forward to the coming challenges.

In addition to the theoretical knowledge, Wieland also enables me to acquire a lot of practical knowledge and find out what my strengths are. I am planning to build on that. The company offers many excellent options and careers opportunities in this respect. If you are open to new things, love to work in a team, are a self-starter and able to think outside the box, you will go far in our company. I look forward to gathering many new experiences that help me develop both personally as well as professionally.